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Paying tax is inevitable, be it an individual or a business. Income tax is levied on the income earned after considering a few deductions. With too many tax exemptions and deductions, calculating tax can be complicated. We make it easy for nonresidents to file their tax returns in the US no matter where they are located in the world. We support nonresident employees and students with their US tax obligations. We offer an online self-preparation tax system for nonresidents in the US and guarantee peace of mind for every user.

Planning one's taxes can be very tiring. And with the introduction of new tax regimes, it only becomes more complicated. We are here to help taxpayers calculate taxes, help them understand which forms to fill, and automatically fill in the forms for them to complete filing their taxes in a matter of seconds.

We ask simple questions for obtaining basic information like annual salary, rent paid, tuition fees, interest on a child's education loan, and any other savings to calculate an individual's tax liability and fill up the forms automatically.

Every nonresident who prepares their tax documents with us can rest assured that they are 100% compliant with IRS. We help our users to secure their maximum legal tax refund.


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We will ask you simple questions, and forms will be filled in based on your answers.

Working with the experts and authorized agents by the IRS

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